April 27

Events in Women’s History

1992 – Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman to be elected Speaker of the British House of Commons.


Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies (source)

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies (source)

1650 – Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel, Queen consort of Denmark and Norway as wife of Christian V (d. 1714)

1759 – Mary Wollstonecraft, English author, philosopher and women’s rights advocate, known for A Vindication of the Rights of Women (d. 1797)

1806 – Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, Queen consort of Spain as wife of Ferdinand VII and regent for her daughter the future Isabella II (d. 1878)

1851 – Alice Morse Earle, American historian and author, known for her work in social history (d. 1911)

1882 – Jessie Redmon Fauset, American author, poet and editor, editor for the NAACP magazine The Crisis and the children’s magazine Brownies’ Book, considered one of the most intelligent novelists of the Harlem Renaissance (d. 1961)

1927 – Coretta Scott King, American author, civil rights activist and leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, LGBT rights activist, wife of Martin Luther King Jr.  (d. 2006)

1927 – Sheila Scott, British aviator who broke over 100 records during her career, first person to fly over the North Pole in a small aircraft (d. 1988)


Miracle of Saint Zita by Bernardo Strozzi (source)

Miracle of Saint Zita by Bernardo Strozzi (source)

1272 – Zita, Italian saint, patron saint of maids and domestic servants (b. 1212)

2002 – Ruth Handler, American businesswoman, created the Barbie doll (b. 1916)

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