April 28

Events in Women’s History

1949 – Aurora Quezón, former First Lady of the Philippines, is assassinated while en route to dedicate a hospital in memory of her late husband, President Manuel Luis Quezón.


Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt c. 1675 (source)

Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt c. 1675 (source)

1652 – Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt, German composer and regent of the Duchy of Württemberg for her son Eberhard Louis von Württemberg (d. 1712)

1868 – Lucy Booth, British songwriter and commander in The Salvation Army, daughter of founders Catherine and William Booth (d. 1953)

1868 – Hélène de Pourtalès, Swiss sailor, Olympic medalist in the 1900 Summer Olympics (d. 1945)

1896 – Na Hye-sok, Korean journalist, poet, educator and artist, wrote under the pseudonym Jeongwol, known as the first female professional painter in Korea painting in the western style, first writer of feminist novels and short stories (d. 1948)

1912 – Odette Hallowes, French soldier and heroine of World War II, recipient of the Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur (d. 1995)

1923 – Carolyn Cassady, American author associated with the “Beat Generation” (d. 2013)

1924 – Blossom Dearie, American jazz singer and pianist, (d. 2009)

1926 – Harper Lee, American author, known for her novel To Kill a Mockingbird, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In July 2015, she published her second novel, Go Set a Watchman, a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird.

Lucy Booth-Hellberg Ruhani (source)

Lucy Booth-Hellberg Ruhani (source)

1932 – Brownie Ledbetter, American activist for social justice including civil rights, women’s, labor and environmental issues (d. 2010)

1937 – Jean Redpath, Scottish singer and educator

1938 – Madge Sinclair, Jamaican-American actress, known for her role as Belle in the miniseries Roots, Emmy Award nominee (d. 1995)


1257 – Shajar al-Durr, Sultana of Egypt, widow of the Ayyubid Sultan As-Salih Ayyub and mother of Khalil (b. unknown)

1949 – Aurora Quezón, First Lady of the Philippines as wife of Manuel Luis Quezón, first Chairperson of the Philippine National Red Cross; she was assassinated en route to dedicate a hospital to her late husband. (b. 1888)

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