August 13

Events in Women’s History

1918 – Opha Mae Johnson is the first woman, out of 305, to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

2014 – Maryam Mirzakhani wins the Fields Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics, becoming the first woman to win the award as well as the first Iranian.


Annie Oakley c. 1903

Annie Oakley c. 1903 (source)

1752 – Maria Carolina of Austria, Queen of Naples and Sicily as wife of Ferdinand IV, dominated the Privy Council where she instituted many reforms including enlarging the navy(d. 1814)

1792Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, Queen consort of the United Kingdom and Hanover as wife of William IV; the capital of South Australia is named for her. (d. 1849)

1818Lucy Stone, American abolitionist, lecturer, author and suffragist, involved in organizing the first National Women’s Convention, co-founder of the American Woman Suffrage Association, founder of the Woman’s Journal (d. 1893)

1829 – Martha J Lamb, American author, editor and historian, owner and editor of The Magazine of American History, co-founder of the Home for the Friendless and the Half-Orphan Asylum, secretary to the United States Sanitary Commission (d. 1893)

1849 – Leonora Kearney Barry born, Irish-born American reformer, only woman to hold national office in the Knights of Labor, involved in the labor reform movement and women’s rights (d. 1923)

1860 – Annie Oakley, stage name of Phoebe Ann Moses Butler, American target and exhibition shooter, star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show (d. 1926)

1870 – Florence Nightingale Levy, American editor and administrator, founder American Art Annual magazine, catalogued the art exhibition of the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, co-founder of the American Federation of Arts, curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (d. 1947)

1890 – Ellen Osiier, Danish fencer and Olympic medalist, winner of the gold medal in the 1924 Olympics becoming the first women’s fencing champion (d. 1962)

1933 – Joycelyn Elders, American physician, American physician, research scientist, professor and public health administrator, vice admiral in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, first African American and second woman appointed Surgeon General of the United States


Empress Irene on the Comnenos mosaic in the Hagia Sophia (source)

Empress Irene on the Comnenos mosaic in the Hagia Sophia (source)

586 – Radegund, Frankish princess and saint, one of the six wives of Clotaire I, founder of the monastery of the Holy Cross at Poitiers, honored in both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church (b. 520)

612 – Fabia Eudokia, Byzantine empress as first wife of Heraclius (b. 580)

1134 – Irene of Hungary, Byzantine empress as wife of John II Komnenos (b. 1088)

1382 – Eleanor of Aragon, Queen of Castile as wife of John I (b. 1358)

1910 – Florence Nightingale, British nurse, reformer, author and statistician, considered the founder of modern nursing, came to prominence for nursing during the Crimean War, established a nursing school at St Thomas’s Hospital in London (b. 1820)

1934 – Mary Hunter Austin, American author, known for nature writing about the American southwest including her classic The Land of Little Rain (b. 1868)

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