August 21

Events in Women’s History

I am unaware of any significant events in Women’s History. If you know of any, please leave a comment so that I can add it. Thank you!


Princess Margaret Countess of Snowden Attribution

Princess Margaret Countess of Snowden Attribution: David S. Paton (source)

1886 – Ruth Manning-Sanders, British author and poet, known for children’s books of collected fairy tales (d. 1988)

1861 – Mary Lizzie Macomber, American artist, known for allegorical works such as Ruth, and The Annunciation; she exhibited at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. (d. 1916)

1893 – Lili Boulanger, French composer, child prodigy, first woman to win the Prix de Rome with her composition Faust et Hélène; she was the sister of composer and teacher Nadia Boiulanger. (d. 1918)

1897 – Constance McLaughlin Green, American historian and author, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for History with Washington, Village and Capital, 1800-1878 (d. 1975)

1915 – Raquel Rastenni, Danish singer, known for swing, jazz and ballads, sang in Danish, Swedish, Yiddish and Hebrew, sometimes compared to Ella Fitzgerald (d. 1998)

1916 – Consuelo Velázquez, Mexican concert pianist, singer, songwriter, and member of the Mexican Congress (d. 2005)

1921 – Jaymala Shiledar, Indian Hindustani classical singer and stage actress, recipient of the Padma Shri Award and the Lata Mangeshkar Award, influential in reviving Marathi musical theater (d. 2013)

1929 – Marie Severin, American illustrator and comic book artist, known for her work for Marvel Comics and EC Comics, Will Eisner Comics Hall of Fame inductee

1930 – Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II  (d. 2002)

1933 – Dame Janet Baker, British mezzo-soprano, known for her acting ability, associated with Italian opera and the works of Benjamin Britten and Gustav Mahler

1942 – Maria Kaczyńska, First Lady of Poland as wife of President Lech Kaczyński (d. 2010)


1614 – Elizabeth Báthory, Hungarian serial killer, considered one of the most prolific female killers in history; although accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, she didn’t face trial, but was imprisoned within Csejte Castle for life. (b. 1560)

1762Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, English writer known primarily for her letters from Turkey while her husband was the British ambassador (b. 1689) Link is to another delightful post from Madame Gilflurt’s blog.

1905 – Mary Mapes Dodge, American children’s author, best known for the novel Hans Brinker (b. 1831)

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Lady Mary Wortley Montagu by Charles Jervas

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu by Charles Jervas (source)

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