December 13

Events in Women’s History

I am unaware of any significant events in Women’s History. If you know of any, please leave a comment so that I can add it. Thank you!


Mary Todd Lincoln c. 1860, Library of Congress

Mary Todd Lincoln c. 1860, Library of Congress Brady-Handy Collection (source)

1818 – Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady of the United States as wife of Abraham Lincoln (d. 1882)

1903 – Ella Baker, American activist (d. 1986)

1906 – Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (d. 1968)

1928 – Eve Meyer, American model and actress (d. 1977)

1941 – Sarah Edmonds, served during the American Civil War under the alias Frank Thompson. (The exact date in December is unknown. d. 1898)


Catherine Stenbock c. 1570 (source)

Catherine Stenbock c. 1570 (source)

1621 – Catherine Stenbock, Queen consort of Sweden as wife of Gustav I (b. 1535)

1961 – Grandma Moses, American painter (b. 1860)

1965 – Eslanda Goode Robeson, American anthropologist, author and activist, wife of Paul Robeson (b. 1896)

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