December 3

Events in Women’s History

Freda du Faur c. 1910, photo by George Edward Mannering

Freda du Faur c. 1910, photo by George Edward Mannering (source)

1910 – Freda du Faur becomes the first woman to scale Aoraki / Mount Cook in New Zealand.

1990 – Mary Robinson takes office as President of Ireland becoming the first woman to hold the position.


Octavia Hill, 1898, by John Singer Sargent

Octavia Hill, 1898, by John Singer Sargent (source)

1766 – Barbara Frietschie, an American folk heroine. At the age of 95, she supposedly waved the Union flag in the street to antagonize Stonewall Jackson’s troops. This action became the subject of John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem, Barbara Frietchie (1864.) (d. 1862)

1799 – Margaret “Peggy” Eaton, wife of Senator John Henry Eaton who became the subject of social ostracism that caused a rift in the administration of Andrew Jackson sometimes referred to as the Petticoat Affair. (d. 1879)

1838 – Octavia Hill, British social reformer (d. 1912)

1842 – Phoebe Hearst, American philanthropist, feminist and suffragist (d. 1919)

1842Ellen Swallow Richards, American chemist, the first woman admitted to MIT and its first female instructor (d. 1911)

1895 – Anna Freud, Austrian-English psychoanalyst (d. 1982)

1921 – Phyllis Curtin, American soprano

1923 – Moyra Fraser, Australian-born British actress and dancer (d. 2009)

1931 – Jaye P. Morgan, American singer and actress

1937 – Morgan Llywelyn, American-born Irish author

1942 – Alice Schwarzer, German journalist and feminist, founder of EMMA Magazine


1706 – Countess Emilie Juliane of Barby-Mühlingen, hymn writer (b. 1637)

1910 – Mary Baker Eddy, American founder of the Christian Science (b. 1821)

1935 – Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom (b. 1868)

1939 – Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll (b. 1848)

1949 – Maria Ouspenskaya, Russian actress (b. 1876)

1973 – Bea Miles, Australian writer (b. 1902)

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Mary Baker Eddy c. 1850

Mary Baker Eddy c. 1850 (source)

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