February 19

Events in Women’s History

1963 – The publication of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique reawakens the Feminist Movement in the United States as women’s organizations and consciousness raising groups spread.


Adelina Patti (source)

Adelina Patti (source)

1800 – Émilie Gamelin, Canadian nun, founded the Sisters of Providence (d. 1851)

1843 – Adelina Patti, operatic soprano, born in Spain of Italian parents, she remains one of the most famous sopranos in history (d. 1919)

1867 – Annie Meyer, American author, advocate of higher education for women, opponent of women’s suffrage (d. 1951)

1871 – Lugenia Burns Hope, American social reformer, founder of the Neighborhood Union, the first woman-run social welfare agency for African Americans in Atlanta GA (d. 1947)

1877 – Gabriele Münter, German painter (d. 1962)

1897 – Alma Rubens, American actress (d. 1931)

1901 – Florence Green, British veteran of WWI, member of the Women’s Royal Air Force (d. 2012)

1902 – Kay Boyle, American author and educator (d. 1992)

1910 – Dorothy Janis, American actress (d. 2010)

1917 – Carson McCullers, American author, well known works are The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and  The Member of the Wedding (d. 1967)

1939 – Gwen Taylor, English actress

1952 – Amy Tan, American author; her most well-known work is The Joy Luck Club.


1123 or 1133 – Irene Doukaina, wife of Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus and mother of emperor John II Komnenos and historian Anna Komnene; Irene was crowned as well against the wishes of Alexius’s mother. (b. circa 1066)

1716 – Dorthe Engelbrechtsdatter, Norwegian poet, possibly Norway’s first recognized female author (b. 1634)

1806 – Elizabeth Carter, English author and poet, member of the Bluestocking Circle (b. 1717)

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Engraving of Dorthe Engelbrechtsdatter from one of her books, 1685 (source)

Engraving of Dorthe Engelbrechtsdatter from one of her books, 1685 (source)

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