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Events in Women’s History

Saint Adelaide of Italy (source)

Saint Adelaide of Italy (source)

962 – Saint Adelaide of Italy is crowned Empress of the Holy Roman Empire in the same ceremony that her husband Otto I is crowned Emperor.

1901 – After two days of lying in state, Queen Victoria’s funeral was held. According to her wishes, she was given a military funeral as the daughter of a soldier and the head of the army, and was dressed in white with her wedding veil. She was interred beside Prince Albert at Windsor Great Park.


Nell Gwyn c. 1675 by Peter Lely (source)

Nell Gwyn c. 1675 by Peter Lely (source)

1650Nell Gwyn, English actress and mistress of Charles II of England (d. 1687)

1745Hannah More, English author and educator (d. 1833)

1811 – Delia Salter Bacon, American author and lecturer, known for her work on the Shakespeare authorship question (d. 1859)

1841 – Sarah Ann Hackett Stevenson, American physician, first female member of the American Medical Association (d. 1909)

1871 – Olga Preobrajenskaya, Russian prima ballerina and ballet instructor; born with a crooked spine, she was repeated rejected for the Imperial Ballet School, but her parents persisted and she was successful; she also sang opera arias and played the piano. (She shortened her name to Preobrajenska for professional purposes. The old style date of her birth is Jan 21.) (d. 1962)

1882 – Anne Bauchens, American film editor and Academy Award winner, known for her collaboration with director Cecil B. DeMille (d. 1967)

1905 – Ayn Rand, Russian-born American author, playwright and philosopher, best known for The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (d. 1982)

1912 – Millvina Dean, British civil servant, youngest passenger and last survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic (d. 2009)

1918 – Hella Haasse, Dutch author, the “Grand Old Lady” of Dutch literature (d. 2011)

1919 – Lisa Della Casa, Swiss soprano (d. 2012)

1923 – Liz Smith, American journalist and gossip columnist, “The Grand Dame of Dish”

1924 – Elfi von Dassanowsky, Austrian-American singer, pianist, producer (d. 2007)

1927 – Doris Sams, American baseball player (d. 2012)

1929 – Věra Chytilová, Czech director

1931 – Judith Viorst, American journalist and author


1237 – Joan, Lady of Wales and Lady of Snowdon, wife of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales and Gwynedd (b. 1191)

1957 – Julia Morgan, American architect, first woman to be admitted to the architecture program at l’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, first woman architect licensed in California (b. 1872)

1961 – Anna May Wong, American actress (b. 1905)

1972 – Natalie Clifford Barney, American author, poet, playwright and salon hostess in Paris (b. 1876)

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Anna May Wong, Paramount Studia publicity photo, 1935

Anna May Wong, Paramount Studia publicity photo, 1935 (source)

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