February 3

Events in Women’s History

World War II recruitment poster (source)

World War II recruitment poster (source)

1901 – United States Army Nurse Corps established as a permanent organization.


Coronation of Joanna of Bourbon, 14th c. artist unknown (source)

Coronation of Joanna of Bourbon, 14th c. artist unknown (source)

1338 – Joanna of Bourbon, Queen consort of France as wife of Charles V (d. 1378)

1737 – Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson, American poet and writer (d. 1801)

1808 – Princess Marie of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Princess of Prussia as wife of Prince Charles (d. 1877)

1821 – Elizabeth Blackwell, physician, first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, first woman on the UK Medical Register (d. 1910)

1874 – Gertrude Stein, American poet and art collector (d. 1946)

1899 – Doris Speed, English actress (d. 1994)

1900 – Mabel Mercer, English-American singer (d. 1984)

1909 – Simone Weil, French philsopher, activist and mystic (d. 1943)

1912 – Mary Carlisle, American actress and singer

1918 – Helen Stephens, American runner, Olympic medalist (d. 1994)

1923 – Alys Robi, French Canadian singer (d. 2011)

1927 – Joan Lowery Nixon, American journalist and author (d. 2003)

1930 – Gillian Ayres CBE, British painter

1932 – Peggy Ann Garner, American actress (d. 1984)


1889 – Belle Starr, American outlaw (b. 1848)

1896 – Lady Jane Wilde, Irish poet, essayist, and women’s rights advocate, supporter of the nationalist movement writing under the pseudonym Speranza, known for collections of folktales, mother of Oscar Wilde (b. 1821)

1936 – Princess Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg, Princess of Albania as wife of Prince, then sovreign, william (b. 1885)

1937 – Marija Leiko, Latvian actress (b. 1887)

1944 – Yvette Guilbert, French singer and actress (b. 1865)

1953Sophia Hayden Bennett, American architect, first woman to receive an architecture degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, designed the Woman’s Building at the World Columbian Exposition in 1893 (b. 1868)

1961 – Anna May Wong, American actress, the first Asian American actress to gain international recognition (b. 1905)

1975 – Umm Kulthum, Egyptian singer-songwriter and actress (b. 1904)

1980 – Hanna Rovina, Israeli actress (b. 1893)

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Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg c. 1910 by Wilhelm Niederastroth (source)

Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg c. 1910 by Wilhelm Niederastroth (source)

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