Iryna Vilde – Ukrainian Writer

Iryna Vilde by Bogdan Kosar (source)

Iryna Vilde by Bogdan Kosar (source)

Iryna Vilde died on 30 October 1982 after a long illness. She was 75 years old and was a well-respected author in her native Ukraine.

Born 5 May 1907, Iryna Vilde was the pseudonym of Dary’na Dmy’trivna Makogo’n a Ukrainian author of novels and short stories about the lives of the people in Western Ukraine. She was raised in a home where education was valued; her father was a lecturer and writer and her mother was a teacher. In spite of this, financial difficulties caused her to discontinue her university education and get a job at a magazine, “Zinocha dolia” (Women’s fate.) Her work described themes of family and encompassed a large number of characters from all levels of society.

Vilde published throughout the 1930s with her first novel “Metelyky na shpyi’kakh” appearing in 1936. After World War II and the execution of her husband by the Nazis, she continued a long publishing career. She was the recipient of several literary awards, a member of the Writers’ Union and is on the UNESCO list of known people of the 20th century.

“To enter into immortality, man must draw up two exams: one in front of his contemporaries, the second – before history.” ~ Iryna Vilde

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