Isabella of Austria

Isabella of Austria

Isabella of Austria by Master of the Legend of the Magdalen c. 1515

Isabella of Austria, born July 18, 1501, was the Queen consort of Denmark, Norway and Sweden as wife of King Christian II. Married by proxy in 1514, she supposedly fell in love with her husband when she saw his picture. The marriage became official a year later on August 12, 1515. The relationship was cool at first because the King refused to give up his mistress, but improved after her death in 1517.

In 1520, Christian became King of Sweden and Isabella served as regent while he traveled there. He was deposed the following year and then deposed as King of Denmark and Norway in 1523 by Isabella’s uncle Duke Frederick. Frederick offered her a pension and his protection, but she refused to stay and went into exile with Christian.

Isabella traveled with her husband and negotiated with her relatives in an attempt to restore him to the throne. Sadly, she became ill and died in 1525 at the young age of 24.

She was the daughter of Joanna of Castile and King Philip I. She was also the sister of Emperor Charles V and Eleanor of Austria, Queen consort of Portugal and France.

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