January 15

Events in Women’s History

Elizabeth I c. 1563 by Steven van der Meulen (source)

Elizabeth I c. 1563 by Steven van der Meulen (source)

1559 – Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey, London, England.

1908 – The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority becomes the first Greek-letter organization founded and established by African American college women.

1951 – Ilse Koch, “The Witch of Buchenwald”, wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, is sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in West Germany.

1976 – Gerald Ford’s would-be assassin, Sara Jane Moore, is sentenced to life in prison.


Marie Duplessis by Camille Roqueplan

Marie Duplessis by Camille Roqueplan (source)

1803 – Marjorie Fleming, Scottish poet, kept a diary for the last 18 months of her life which became very popular during the Victorian era (d. 1811)

1811 – Abby Kelley Foster, American abolitionist and social reformer (d. 1887)

1824 – Marie Duplessis, French courtesan and salon hostess (d. 1847)

1836 – Constance Faunt Le Roy Runcie, American pianist, composer and author (d. 1911)

1842 – Mary MacKillop, Australian saint, co-founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (d. 1909)

1845 – Ella Flagg Young, American educator, first woman president of the National Association of Teachers (d. 1918)

1850 – Sofia Kovalevskaya (Sonya Kovalevsky after her move to Sweden), Russian mathematician (d. 1891)

1860 – Katherine Bement Davis, American reformer and criminologist (d. 1935)

1862 – Loïe Fuller, American-born pioneer of modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques, she spent most of her professional career in France, held many patents related to stage lighting (d. 1928)

1878 – Johanna Müller-Hermann, Austrian composer (d. 1941)

1882 – Princess Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden as wife of the future King Gustaf VI Adolf (d. 1920)

1894 – Ecaterina Teodoroiu, Romanian soldier, she fought and died in WWI and is considered a heroine of Romania (d. 1917)

1913 – Miriam Hyde, Australian composer and pianist (d. 2005)

1925 – Ruth Slenczynska, American pianist

1926 – Maria Schell, Austrian actress (d. 2005)

1927 – Phyllis Coates, American actress

1929 – Ida Lewis “Queen Ida” Guillory, American accordion player, first female accordion player to lead a zydeco band

1937 – Margaret O’Brien, American actress


1781 – Mariana Victoria, Infanta of Spain, Queen of Portugal as wife of Joseph I (b. 1718)

1815 – Emma, Lady Hamilton, English mistress of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (b. 1761)

1876 – Eliza McCardle Johnson, First Lady of the United States as wife of Andrew Johnson (b. 1810)

1893 – Fanny Kemble, British actress and author (b. 1809)

1915Fannie Farmer, American cookbook author and educator during the height of the domestic science movement (b. 1857)

1919 – Rosa Luxemburg, German philosopher, economist, Marxist theorist, and revolutionary, co-founder of the anti-war Spartacus League and its newspaper Die Rote Fahne (“The Red Flag”), shot and killed after her capture during the Spartacist uprising during the German Revolution of 1918/19 (b. 1871)

1972 – Daisy Ashford, English author (b. 1881)

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Mariana Victoria; Miguel António do Amaral

Mariana Victoria; Miguel António do Amaral (source)

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