January 24

Events in Women’s History

I am unaware of any significant events in Women’s History. If you know of any, please leave a comment so that I can add it. Thank you!


Maria Tallchief, Dance Magazine, April 1961 (source)

Maria Tallchief, Dance Magazine, April 1961 (source)

1742 Anne, Duchess of Cumberland and Strathearn (d. 1808)

1779 – Louise of Baden, Elizabeth Alexeievna, Empress consort of Russia as wife of Alexander I of Russia (new style date) (d. 1826)

1850 – Mary Murfree, American author, considered by some to be Appalachia’s first significant female writer, used the pseudonym Charles Egbert Craddock (d. 1922)

1857 – Kate Waller Barrett, American physician, philanthropist and social reformer, leader and co-founder of the National Florence Crittenton Mission (d. 1925)

1862 – Edith Wharton, American author and designer, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize nominee, known for The Age of Innocence and The House of Mirth (d. 1937)

1864 – Marguerite Durand, French actress, journalist, women’s rights advocate and suffragette, founded the feminist newspaper La Fronde (d. 1936)

1888 – Vicki Baum, Austrian author, known for Menschen im Hotel (“People at a Hotel”) which was made into a film and a 1989 broadway musical (d. 1960)

1888 – Neysa McMein, American artist and illustrator, known for many magazine covers and article illustrations for publications such as McClure’s, McCall’s, The Saturday Evening Post, and Collier’s, entertained troops in France during WWI and made posters to support the war effort (d. 1949)

1909 – Ann Todd, British actress and producer (d. 1993)

1910 – Doris “Granny D” Haddock, American activist, walked across the continental United States for the cause of campaign finance reform beginning at the at of 88 (d. 2010)

1925 – Maria Tallchief, Native American ballerina, considered America’s first prima ballerina (d. 2013)

1968 – Mary Lou Retton, American gymnist, Olympic medallist


1924 – Anna Bayerová, the second female Czech physician, unable to attend the gymnasium in Prague she received her medical training in Zurich graduating in 1888 (b. 1853)

1924 – Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (b. 1894)

1980 – Lil Dagover, Dutch-German actress (b. 1887)

1986 – Flo Hyman, American volleyball player, Olympic medalist (b. 1954)

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Anna Bayerová by Jan Vilimek (source)

Anna Bayerová by Jan Vilimek (source)

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