January 7

Events in Women’s History

Marian Anderson in 1940, by Carl Van Vechten, Library of Congress

Marian Anderson in 1940, by Carl Van Vechten, Library of Congress (source)

1955 – Marian Anderson made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera. She was the first African-American to perform there. She already had a successful career in Europe.


Jeanne d'Albret, 1570, by François Clouet

Jeanne d’Albret, 1570, by François Clouet (source)

1528 – Jeanne d’Albret, Queen regnant of Navarre, mother of King Henry IV of France, spiritual and political leader of the French Huguenot movement (d. 1572)

1796 – Princess Charlotte of Wales, only child of King George IV and Caroline of Brunswick; she was in line for the throne, but died in childbirth at the age of 21. (d. 1817)

1844 – Bernadette Soubirous, French mystic and saint, known for Marian apparitions who asked for a chapel to be built at the grotto at Massabielle, canonized in the Roman Catholic Church on 8 Dec 1925(d. 1879)

1861 – Louise Guiney, American author and editor, postmistress, cataloger at the Boston Public Library (d. 1920)

1888 – Vera de Bosset, Russian-born American dancer, wife of Igor Stravinsky (d. 1982)

1891 – Zora Neale Hurston, American anthropologist and author, best known for her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God; her collection of folktales gathered in the 1920s, Every Tongue Got to Confess, was published posthumously in 2001. (d. 1960)

1895 – Clara Haskil, Romanian pianist, best known for her performances of Mozart (d. 1960)

1931 – Mirja Hietamies, Finnish skier and Olympic medalist; she won a silver medal in 1952 and a gold in 1956 for cross-country skiing. (d. 2013)

1941 – Iona Brown, British violinist and conductor (d. 2004)


Lou Henry Hoover, official White House portrait (source)

Lou Henry Hoover, official White House portrait (source)

1536Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England as wife of Henry VIII (b. 1485)

1912 – Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake, British physician, educator and feminist, founder of medical schools for women (b. 1840)

1944Lou Henry Hoover, First Lady of the United States as wife of Herbert Hoover (b. 1874)

1960 – Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers, British tennis player (b. 1878)

1972 – Eftichia Papagianopoulos, Greek songwriter (b. 1893)

1983 – Eliza Amy Hodgson, New Zealand botanist (b. 1888)

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