July 12

Events in Women’s History

Shirley Chisholm in 1972

Shirley Chisholm in 1972, Library of Congress (source)

1543Katherine Parr marries King Henry VIII of England at Hampton Court Palace, becoming his sixth and final wife.

1972 – Shirley Chisholm receives 152 votes in the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention, becoming the first black candidate for President of the United States from a major political party and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination.


Lyudmila Pavlichenko c. 1943 (source)

Lyudmila Pavlichenko c. 1943 (source)

1865 – Lucy Fitch Perkins, American author and illustrator, known for the “twin books” beginning with The Dutch Twins in 1911; there were 26 books in the series ending with The Dutch Twins and Little Brother published posthumously. (d. 1937)

1895 – Kirsten Flagstad, Norwegian dramatic soprano, ranked among the greatest singers of the 20th century, called “the voice of the century” by some, known specifically for her roles in the opera of Wagner (d. 1962)

1916 – Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Ukrainian sniper, Soviet sniper during WWII, considered the most successful female sniper in history with 309 credited kills (d. 1974)

1920 – Beah Richards, American stage, film and television actress, author, poet and playwright, known for performances in the original Broadway productions of The Miracle Worker and A Raisin in the Sun, recipient of a Tony Award, two Emmy Awards and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress (d. 2000)

1928 – Pixie Williams, New Zealand singer, of Māori descent, recipient of a triple platinum award from the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand for her song “Blue Smoke” and a single platinum award for “Let’s Talk It Over” (d. 2013)

1930 – Irene Sutcliffe, British actress, known for her role as Maggie Clegg on Coronation Street from 1968 to 1975

1943 – Christine McVie, British singer-songwriter and keyboardist, solo artist and member of the bands Chicken Shack and Fleetwood Mac, inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, recipient of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors’ Gold Badge of Merit; it was announced in January 2014 that she had rejoined Fleetwood Mac and will tour with them beginning in September.


Dolley Madison c. 1804 by Gilbert Stuart (source)

Dolley Madison c. 1804 by Gilbert Stuart (source)

783 – Bertrada of Laon, Queen of the Franks as wife of Pepin the Short, mother of Charlemagne (b. 720)

1676 – Elisabeth Sophie of Mecklenburg, Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg, German poet and composer (b. 1613)

1849 – Dolley Madison, First Lady of the United States as wife of James Madison, served as official hostess for Thomas Jefferson during his time as president as well, known for largely defining the role of the President’s wife or official hostess (b. 1768)

1926 – Gertrude Bell, British author, archaeologist, public administrator and spy, influential in the establishment of Jordan and Iraq (b. 1868)

1950 – Elsie de Wolfe, Lady Mendl, American actress, author, and interior decorator, invented the profess of interior design according to The New Yorker  (b. 1865)

1979 – Minnie Riperton, American singer-songwriter, known for her 1975 single “Lovin’ You” (b. 1947)

1982Clara Lemlich, American labor organizer, leader of the Uprising of 20,000, the strike of shirtwaist workers in New York’s garment industry in 1909 (b. 1886)

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