July 16

Events in Women’s History

Emily Stowe, Archives of Ontario (source)

Emily Stowe, Archives of Ontario (source)

1546 – Anne Askew is burned at the stake after being tortured in the Tower of London. She was an English poet and Protestant and was condemned as a heretic.

1880 – Emily Stowe becomes the second female physician licensed to practice medicine in Canada, after her classmate Jenny Kidd Trout. However, Stowe had already been practicing in Toronto after receiving her education in the US.

1971 – Jeanne M. Holm is promoted to brigadier general in the United States Air Force, becoming the first woman of that rank in the Air Force.


Clare of Assisi from a fresco by Simone Martini c. 1320 (source)

Clare of Assisi from a fresco by Simone Martini c. 1320 (source)

1194 – Clare of Assisi, born Chiara Offreduccio, Italian saint, founder of the Order of Poor Ladies, one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi, canonized in 1255 in the Roman Catholic Church  (d. 1253)

1611 – Cecilia Renata of Austria, Queen consort of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lituania as wife of Władysław IV Vasa, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and Maria Anna of Bavaria (d. 1644)

1821 – Mary Baker Eddy, AAmerican author and spiritual leader, founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist, founder of the Christian Science Publishing Society, author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (d. 1910)

1862 – Ida B. Wells, American journalist, editor, suffragist, sociologist and civil rights activist, known for extensive documentation of lynching in the United States, accomplished speaker who traveled internationally on lecture tours (d. 1931)

1880 – Kathleen Norris, American author and columnist, wrote over 90 novels and contributed stories and columns to the Atlantic, The American Magazine, McClure’s, Ladies’ Home Journal among others, promoted values such as the sanctity of marriage, nobility of motherhood and the importance of service (d. 1966)

1884 – Anna Vyrubova, Russian author and lady-in-waiting to Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna, published her memoirs of life at the Russian court leading up to the Russian Revolution (d. 1964)

1896 – Evelyn Preer, American stage and film actress and blues singer, one of the first black actresses to gain celebrity, toured with The Lafayette Players, Anita Bush’s stock company which brought theater to black audiences (d. 1932)

1911 – Ginger Rogers, American actress, singer and dancer, best known as a romantic leading lady and dancing partner of Fred Astaire, recipient of the Academy Award for Best Actress (d. 1995)

1928 – Anita Brookner, CBE, British author and art historian, recipient of the Man Booker Prize for her novel Hotel du Lac

1928 – Bella Davidovich, Jewish Soviet-born American pianist, teacher at the Julliard School in New York City, first Soviet émigré musician to receive an official invitation to perform in the Soviet Union

1929 – Sheri S. Tepper, American author, known for novels in the science fiction, horror and mystery genres


Louisa Ulrika of Prussia c. 1744 by Antoine Pesne (source)

Louisa Ulrika of Prussia c. 1744 by Antoine Pesne (source)

678 (17 Ramadan 58 AH) – Aisha, ‘Ā’ishah bint Abī Bakr, wife of the Prophet Muhammad and important figure in early Islamic history (b. 612)

1546 – Anne Askew, English poet and Protestant condemned as a heretic, tortured and burned at the stake (b. 1521)

1557Anne of Cleves, Queen of England as fourth wife of Henry VIII (b. 1515)

1782 – Louisa Ulrika of Prussia, Queen of Sweden as wife of Adolf Frederick, younger sister of Frederick the Great (b. 1720)

1858 – Abigail Goodrich Whittelsey, American educator and editor of The Mother’s Magazine (d. 1788)

1882 – Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady of the United States as wife of Abraham Lincoln (b. 1818)

1915 – Ellen G. White, American author and spiritual leader, one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, known for visionary experiences and her Conflict of the Ages writings (b. 1827)

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