July 27

Events in Women’s History

Ambassador Lindy Boggs, December 16, 1997

Ambassador Lindy Boggs, December 16, 1997 (source)

2013 – Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs, better known as Lindy Boggs, dies after a long life fighting for civil rights and the rights of women. She served in the US House of Representatives for 18 years, beginning by taking her husband’s seat after his death. Prior to his death she had been his political partner, even managing his political campaigns. She was also the US Ambassador to the Vatican and the first woman to preside over a major party convention, the 1976 Democratic National Convention. (b. 1916)


Vera Kalalli in “Krizantemy” in 1914 (source)

Vera Kalalli in “Krizantemy” in 1914 (source)

1768 – Charlotte Corday, French revolutionary and assassin, executed by guillotine for the murder of Jean-Paul Marat an enemy of the Girondins during The French Revolution (d. 1793)

1841 – Linda Richards, American nurse and educator, one of the first professionally trained in the United States, established training programs in the US and Japan, created system for hospital medical records (d. 1930)

1853 – Lucy Maynard Salmon, American historian and educator, first woman member of the executive committee of the American Historical Association, professor at Vassar College (d. 1927)

1875 – Mary Olszewski Kryszak, American educator, Polish newspaper editor, librarian, bookkeeper and politician, served seven times as a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly; in spite of her impressive list of accomplishments, when running for office, the national press stated that “Mrs. Kryszak ‘takes in’ hemstitching work at home when not engaged in lawmaking.” (d. 1945)

1889 – Vera Karalli, Russian ballerina, choreographer and silent film actress (d. 1972)

1910 – Lupita Tovar, Mexican actress, known for her role in the Spanish language version of the film Dracula by Universal Pictures

1916 – Elizabeth Hardwick, American author and literary critic, co-founder of The New York Review of Books (d. 2007)

1930 – Shirley Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby, British politician and scholar, one of the “Gang of Four” who founded the Social Democratic Party in 1981, served as Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords from 2001 to 2004, still active in the House of Lords and Professor Emerita at Harvard University

1938 – Isabelle Aubret, French singer, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962

1940 – Pina Bausch, German dancer and choreographer, leading influence in modern dance, creator of the company Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch (d. 2009)


Joanna I, Queen of Naples

Joanna I, Queen of Naples (source)

1382 – Joanna I, Queen of Naples and Countess of Provence and Forcalquier , Princess of Achaea, claimant to the crowns of Jerusalem and Sicily (b. 1326)

1946 – Gertrude Stein, American author and art collector, hosted a prestigious salon in Paris for many years, known for the memoir The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas about her life partner (b. 1874)

2013– Lindy Boggs, American politician, member of the US House of Representatives, Ambassador to the Vatican, first woman to preside over a major party convention, the 1976 DNC (b. 1916)

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