July 28

Events in Women’s History

Vinnie Ream and her bust of Lincoln, Library of Congress (source)

Vinnie Ream and her bust of Lincoln, Library of Congress (source)

1540Catherine Howard marries Henry VIII of England, becoming his fifth wife and Queen consort of England.

1866 – By a vote of Congress, Vinnie Ream receives a commission from the United States government for a statue of Abraham Lincoln. She was the first and, at the age of 18, the youngest woman to receive such a commission.


Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter (source)

1347 – Margaret of Durazzo, Queen of Naples and Hungary, Princess of Achaea as wife of Charles III of Naples  (d. 1412)

1609Judith Leyster, painter during the Dutch Golden Age, known for genre works, still lifes and a few portraits; the exact date of her birth is questioned. (d. 1660)

1855 – Louisine Waldron Elder Havemeyer, American philanthropist, art collector and patron, feminist and advocate for women’s suffrage, patron of Alice Paul and Edgar Degas (d. 1929)

1860 – Anastasia Mikhailovna of Russia, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin as wife of Friedrich Franz III (d. 1922)

1866 – Beatrix Potter, British author, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist, known for children’s books such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit (d. 1943)

1874 – Alice Duer Miller, American author and poet, suffragist, known for satirical poems published as the collection Are Women People? and the novel Come Out of the Kitchen (d. 1942)

1879 – Lucy Burns, American suffragist and women’s rights advocate, formed the National Woman’s Party with Alice Paul (d. 1966)

1908 – Dame Annabelle Rankin, Australian politician, second woman member of the Senate, first woman from Queensland to sit in the Parliament, first woman appointed as Opposition Whip in the Senate, first woman to hold a cabinet position in Australia and first to head a foreign mission (d. 1986)

1909 – Aenne Burda German publisher (d. 2005)

1929 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, First Lady of the United States as wife of John F. Kennedy, book editor, known for her style, elegance and grace, as well as her contributions to the arts and historic preservation (d. 1994)

1932 – Natalie Babbitt, American author and illustrator of children’s books, known for Tuck Everlasting and The Eyes of the Amaryllis, both of which were made into movies


Queen Keran with Leo II, c. 1250-60 (source)

Queen Keran with Leo II, c. 1250-60 (source)

1285 – Keran, Queen of Armenia as wife of Leo II (b. ?)

1934 – Marie Dressler, Canadian stage and film actress, recipient of the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film Min and Bill, known for her role as Tillie in Tillie’s Punctured Romance opposite Charles Chaplin (b. 1868)

1957 – Edith Abbott, American economist, social worker, educator, and author, known for the studies Women in Industry and The Delinquent Child and the Home among others (b. 1876)

1972 – Helen Traubel, American dramatic soprano, best-known for Wagnerian roles such as Brünnhilde and Isolde (b. 1903)

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