July 30

Events in Women’s History

Agate rooms of Catherine II, 1859

Agate rooms of Catherine II, 1859 (source)

1756 – In Saint Petersburg, Empress Elizabeth asked her architect to demolish the old palace and rebuild. On July 30, 1756, Bartolomeo Rastrelli presented the new Catherine Palace to Empress Elizabeth


Maria Anna Mozart, c. 1785

Maria Anna Mozart c. 1785 (source)

1751Maria Anna Mozart, Austrian musician, was the sister of Amadeus Mozart. When they were young, she traveled with her father and brother and sometime received top billing, but when she reached marriageable age her father made her stay home. (d. 1829)

1818 – Emily Brontë, English novelist and poet, known for the classic Wuthering Heights (d. 1848)

1852 – Emma Gillett, American lawyer and women’s rights activist, co-founder of the Washington College of Law, the first law school founded by women (d. 1927)

1856 – Julia Gulliver, American philosopher and educator, President of Rockford College, advocate for higher education for women (d. 1940)

1872 – Princess Clémentine of Belgium, wife of Napoléon Victor Bonaparte, pretender to the throne of France as Napoleon V  (d. 1955)

1893 – Fatima Jinnah, Pakistani dentist, biographer and stateswoman, advisor to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the first Governor General of Pakistan (and her brother); one of the founders of Pakistan (d. 1967)

1919 – Berniece Baker Miracle, American author of My Sister: Marilyn about the life of Marilyn Monroe

1939 – Eleanor Smeal, American activist, political analyst, grassroots organizer, founded the Feminist Majority Foundation, former president of the National Organization for Women

1940 – Patricia Schroeder, American politician, first woman elected to the United States Congress from Colorado

1948 – Julia Tsenova, Bulgarian pianist and composer, Professor of Piano and Dean at the Pop and Jazz Music Faculty in the State Academy of Music, President of the Bulgarian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (d. 2010)

1956 – Anita Hill, lawyer and professor of law, social policy and women’s studies at Brandeis University. In 1991 she accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment bring the issue of work place harassment to the public awareness.


Queen Marie Theresa with her son Louis c. 1661 by Pierre Mignard (source)

Queen Marie Theresa with her son Louis c. 1661 by Pierre Mignard (source)

1683 – Maria Theresa of Spain, Queen of France and Navarre as wife of Louis XIV, known for her virtue and piety  (b. 1638)

1983 – Lynn Fontanne, British actress, recipient of the Emmy, a Tony Award (with her husband Alfred Lunt) and a Kennedy Center honoree (b. 1887)

1985 – Julia Robinson, American mathematician, known for decision problems and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem (b. 1919)

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