July 31

Events in Women’s History

I am unaware of any significant events in Women’s History for today. If you know of any, please leave a comment below so that I can add them. Thank you!


Mary Vaux Walcott, 1914

Mary Vaux Walcott, 1914 (source)

1737 – Princess Augusta of Great Britain, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel as wife of Charles William Ferdinand  (d. 1813)

1811 – Jane Currie Blaikie Hoge, American nurse and welfare worker, founder of the Chicago Home for the Friendless, co-administered the Chicago Sanitary Commission during the Civil War; her memoir of the Civil War is The Boys in Blue. (d. 1890)

1816 – Lydia Moss Bradley, American businesswoman and philanthropist, managed her own fortune after the death of her husband, successful in real estate and banking, endowed the Bradley Polytechnic Institute, first woman member of a national banking board; she is the first American woman known to draw up a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets. (d. 1908)

1831 – Sarah J. Thompson Garnet, American suffragist and educator, first African American woman school principal in the New York City public schools, founder of the Equal Suffrage League in Brooklyn (d. 1911)

1833 – Amelia Stone Quinton, American social activist, advocate for Native American rights, helped found the Women’s National Indian Association (d. 1926)

1858 – Marion Talbot, American educator, Dean of Women at the University of Chicago from 1895 to 1925, co-founder  of the American Association of University Women (d. 1948)

1860 – Mary Vaux Walcott, American painter and naturalist, known for her watercolors of wildflowers, president of the Society of Women Geographers; many of her illustrations were published by the Smithsonian (d. 1940)

1861 – Helen Barrett Montgomery, American social reformer, educator and author, first woman president of the Northern Baptist Convention, president of the Women’s American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society, first American woman to publish a translation of the New Testament from the original Greek (d. 1934)

1929 – Lynne Reid Banks, British author, known for books for both children and adults including The Indian in the Cupboard and The L-Shaped Room

1940 – Carol J. Clover, American academic and author, known for her work related to gender in films and her book Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film


Aurelia Cotta, published by Guillaume Rouille in 1553 (source)

Aurelia Cotta, published by Guillaume Rouille in 1553 (source)

54 BC – Aurelia Cotta, wife of Gaius Julius Caesar and mother of the Roman dictator of the same name (b. 120 BC)

1922 – Mary Murfree, American author, considered by some to be Appalachia’s first significant female writer (b. 1850)

1979 – Beatrix Lehmann, British actress, theater director and author (b. 1903)

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