June 11

Events in Women’s History

Draga Obrenović (source)

Draga Obrenović (source)

1509Catherine of Aragon marries Henry VIII of England.

1903 – Draga Obrenović and her husband, Alexander Obrenović, King and Queen of Serbia, are assassinated by a group of Serbian officers.

1962 – Vivian Malone, with fellow student James Hood, enroll in the University of Alabama as the first African American students at the school. Enrolling as a junior, Malone became the school’s first African American graduate in 1963.

1970 – Anna Mae Hayes (Nurse Corps) and Elizabeth P. Hoisington (Women’s Army Corps) are promoted to the rank of brigadier general, becoming the first American women to achieve this rank.


Maria Theresa of Spain c. 1745 by Louis-Michel van Loo (source)

Maria Theresa of Spain c. 1745 by Louis-Michel van Loo (source)

1456 – Anne Neville, Queen of England as wife of Richard III (d. 1485)

1726 – Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain, Dauphin of France as wife of Louis, Dauphin of France, son of Louis XV (d. 1746)

1769 – Anne Newport Royall, American author and journalist, known for Letters from Alabama and Sketches of History, Life and Manners in the United States (d. 1854)

1815 – Julia Margaret Cameron, British photographer, known for portraits of celebrities and those with heroic themes (d. 1879)

1832 – Lucy Pickens, American wife of Francis Wilkinson Pickens, known as “Queen of the Confederacy” during the United States Civil War, only woman to appear on currency of the Confederate States of America, favorite at the court of Alexander II of Russia (d. 1899)

1847 – Dame Millicent Fawcett, British suffragist, feminist, author and activist, advocate of higher education for women, co-founder of Newnham College, Cambridge, president of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (d. 1929)

1860 – Mary Jane Rathbun, American zoologist; working at the Smithsonian Institution, she described more than a thousand new species, specializing in crustaceans. (d. 1943)

1862 – Violet Florence Martin, Irish author and suffragette, known for The Real Charlotte and Some Reminiscences of an Irish R.M. (d. 1915

1880 – Jeannette Rankin, American politician, first woman elected to the United States House of Representatives, pacifist, known for voting against entrance into both World Wars (d. 1973)

1883 – Charlotte Hawkins Brown, American educator, founder of the Palmer Memorial Institute, first African American named to the national board of the YWCA (d. 1961)

1918 – Ruth Aarons, American world champion table tennis player, vaudeville entertainer and talent manager  (d. 1980)

1919 – Helen Tobias-Duesberg, Estonian-American composer, known for chamber, vocal and symphonic compositions (d. 2010)

1920 – Hazel Dorothy Scott, Trinadadian-born American pianist and jazz singer, as a musical prodigy she received scholarships to Juilliard School from the age of eight, hosted her own variety show The Hazel Scott Show (d. 1981)

1922 – Jean Sutherland Boggs, Peruvian-Canadian historian, academic, and civil servant, first woman appointed director of the National Gallery of Canada

1928 – Queen Fabiola of Belgium, widow of King Baudouin

1937 – Amalya Lyle Kearse, American judge of the United States Court of Appeals, national and world champion bridge player


Belle Boyd c. 1860, Brady-Handy Collections, Library of Congress (source)

Belle Boyd c. 1860, Brady-Handy Collections, Library of Congress (source)

1900 – Belle Boyd, American spy for the Confederacy during the American Civil War (b. 1843)

1903 – Draga Mašin, Queen of Serbia as wife of Alexander I (b. 1864)

1979 – Alice Dalgliesh, Trinidadian-American author and editor, known as a pioneer in children’s historical fiction; Newbery Medal runner-up for three works, The Silver Pencil, The Bears on Hemlock Mountain, and The Courage of Sarah Noble. (b. 1893)

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  1. • June 11, 1913 – Women in Illinois celebrate passage of a state woman suffrage bill allowing women to vote in presidential elections

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