June 17

Events in Women’s History

2015Loretta Lynch is sworn in as Attorney General of the United States. She was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and used a Bible which once belonged to Frederick Douglass.


Sophie of Württemberg c. 1863 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (source)

Sophie of Württemberg c. 1863 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (source)

1818 – Sophie of Württemberg, Queen of the Netherlands as wife of William III, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Duchess of Limburg (d. 1877)

1865Susan LaFlesche Picotte, Omaha physician, first American Indian woman to become a physician in the United States, founder of the Susan LaFlesche Picotte Memorial Hospital (d. 1915)

1867 – Flora Finch, British-born American silent film actress and vaudeville performer (d. 1940)

1903 – Ruth Graves Wakefield, American chef and author, created the Toll House chocolate chip cookie; she gave Nestlé the right to use the Toll House name for one dollar. (d. 1977)

1947 – Linda Chavez, American columnist, author, commentator and talk show host, Chairman of the Center for Equal Opportunity, first Latina nominated to the United States Cabinet although she withdrew her name from consideration.


Depiction of Mumtaz Mahal (source)

Depiction of Mumtaz Mahal (source)

850 – Tachibana no Kachiko, Empress of Japan as wife of Emperor Saga, founder of the Buddhist Danrin-ji temple complex (b. 786)

1463 – Infanta Catherine of Portugal, nun and author (b. 1436)

1631 – Arjumand Banu Begum, Mumtaz Mahal, Mughal Empress, consort of Shah Jahan; the Taj Mahal was constructed as her final resting place after her death in childbirth. (b. 1593)

1858 – Rani Lakshmibai, Indian queen known for fearlessly leading her people into battle (b. 1828)

1957 – Dorothy Richardson, British journalist and author, known for a series of novels entitled Pilgrimage (b. 1873)

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  1. • June 17, 1873 – Susan B. Anthony’s trial starts for illegally voting in Rochester, New York on November 5, 1872

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