June 25

Events in Women’s History

Empress Maria Theresa

Empress Maria Theresa in 1759, by Martin van Meytens (source)

1678 – Venetian Elena Cornaro Piscopia is the first woman awarded a doctorate of philosophy when she graduates from the University of Padua.

1741 – Maria Theresa of Austria is crowned Queen of Hungary.

1910 – The United States Congress passes the Mann Act, which prohibits interstate transport of females for “immoral purposes”. The ambiguous language of “immorality” allowed it to be used to criminalize consensual sexual behavior. (It has been amended since to apply to transport for the purpose of prostitution or illegal sexual acts.)

1947The Diary of Anne Frank is published.

1993 – Kim Campbell is chosen as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and becomes the first female Prime Minister of Canada.

1993 – Tansu Çiller takes office as the Prime Minister of Turkey, becoming the country’s first, and to-date only, woman to hold the position.


June Lockhart in 1947

June Lockhart in 1947 (source)

1242 – Beatrice of England, daughter of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence, member of the Royal house of Plantagenet (d. 1275)

1373 – Joanna II, Queen of Naples, succeeded her brother Ladislaus to the throne at the age of 41; she married twice, but had no children. (d. 1435)

1755 – Natalia Alexeievna of Russia, born Princess Wilhelmina Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt, Grand Duchess of Russia as wife of the future Tsar Paul I (d. 1776)

1874 – Rose Cecil O’Neill, American illustrator, artist and author, created the comic characters Kewpies on which Kewpie dolls were based (d. 1944)

1918 – Marion Alice Orr, Canadian aviator and flight instructor, served in the Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII, recipient of the Order of Canada (d. 1995)

1921 – Celia Franca, English-born Canadian ballerina and artistic director, founder of the National Ballet of Canada (d. 2007)

1923 – Dorothy Gilman, American author, known for her Mrs. Pollifax mystery series (d. 2012)

1925 – June Lockhart, American stage, film, and television actress, best-known as the mother in the television series Lassie and Lost in Space

1926 – Ingeborg Bachmann, Austrian philosopher, author and poet, recipient of the Prize of the Group 47, the Georg Büchner Prize, and the Anto Wildgans Prize (d. 1973)

1934 – Beatriz Sheridan, Mexican actress and director, Mexico’s first female television soap opera director, recipient of the Silver Ariel award (d. 2006)

1954 – Sonia Sotomayor, American lawyer and judge, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court


Olave Baden-Powell c. 1920, Library of Congress (source)

Olave Baden-Powell c. 1920, Library of Congress (source)

1291 – Eleanor of Provence, Queen of England as wife of Henry III, known for her cleverness and poetry (b. 1223)

1533Mary Tudor, Queen of France, as third wife of Louis XII (b. 1496)

1944 – Lucha Reyes, Mexican singer, known for mariachi music specializing in folklore themes (b. 1906)

1977 – Olave Baden-Powell, major contributor to the development of Girl Guides founded by her husband, Robert Baden-Powell (b. 1889)


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