June 28

Events in Women’s History

There are a number of births and deaths, but I don’t know of any events in Women’s History for today. If you do, please comment so that I can add it to the list. Thank you!


Marie Casimire Sobieska c. 1676 by Jan Tricius (source)

Marie Casimire Sobieska c. 1676 by Jan Tricius (source)

1641 – Marie Casimire Louise de La Grange d’Arquien, Queen consort of Poland, Grand Duchess of Lithuania as wife of John III Sobieski (d. 1716)

1819 – Carlotta Grisi, Croatian ballerina and singer, known for her role as Giselle (d. 1899)

1869 – Anne Goldthwaite, American artist, known for paintings recording the American South’s past and for featuring African Americans (d. 1944)

1876 – Clara Maass, American nurse, served as a contract nurse for the United States Army during the Spanish-American War and in the Philippines; she then went to Cuba to assist in the research into yellow fever, where she volunteered to be infected and subsequently died. (d. 1901)

1891 – Esther Forbes, American author and historian, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Paul Revere and the World He Lived In and the Newbery Award for Johnny Tremain (d. 1968)

1894 – Dame Anne Loughlin, British labor activist, organizer and journalist, member and organizer for the National Union of Tailor and Garment Workers (d. 1979)

1906 – Maria Goeppert-Mayer, German-born American physicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963; she was only the second woman to win the prize in physics after Marie Curie. (d. 1972)

1917 – Katherine Rawls, American athlete and instructor, national champion in swimming and diving, pilot in the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron during WWII (d. 1982)

1934 – Bette Greene, American author, recipient of the Newbery Award for Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe


Theodora I from a mosaic in the Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna (source)

Theodora I from a mosaic in the Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna (source)

548 – Theodora I, Byzantine Empress and wife of Justinian I, possibly co-regents; her influence and character are the subject of controversy among historical sources. (b. c. 500)

1189 – Matilda of England, Duchess of Saxony and of Bavaria as wife of Henry the Lion (b. 1156)

1858Jane Haldimand Marcet, writer of popular books on chemistry, botany, economics and religion (b. 1769)

1889 – Maria Mitchell, American astronomer, discovered Comet C/1847 T1 “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”, first woman admitted to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (b. 1818)

1914 – Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, the morganatic wife of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria; she and her husband are both assassinated, an act that sparked World War I (b. 1868)

2012 – Zhang Ruifang, Chinese actress, recipient of the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress, considered one of the “four great drama actresses” in China (b. 1918)

2013 – Diosa Costello, Puerto Rician-born American actress and singer, first Latina on Broadway with her debut in Too Many Girls in 1939 (b. 1913)

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