June 3

Events in Women’s History

Marie Eugénie de Jésus c. 1880 (source)

Marie Eugénie de Jésus c. 1880 (source)

1972 – Sally Jane Priesand is ordained as a rabbi becoming the first woman ordained by a rabbinical seminary in the United States.

2007 – Marie-Eugénie de Jésus is canonized in the Roman Catholic Church.


Thecla Åhlander c. 1893 (source)

Thecla Åhlander c. 1893 (source)

1664 – Rachel Ruysch, Dutch painter primarily of still-life, famous during the Dutch Golden Age (d. 1750)

1855 – Thecla Åhlander, Swedish stage and film actress (d. 1925)

1879 – Alla Nazimova, American film and theater actress, screenwriter, and producer, born in Crimea, Russian Empire; influential in the silent film industry, but active as a character actor throughout her life. (d. 1945)

1897 – Lizzie Douglas, known as Memphis Minnie, American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter (d. 1973)

1898 – Rosa Chacel, Spanish author, recipient of the “National Award of the Letters” and the “Castilla y Leon award of letters” (d. 1994)

1906 – Josephine Baker, American-born French actress, singer, dancer and civil rights activist; first African American woman to star in a major film or to gain world-wide fame as an entertainer. (d. 1975)

1906 – Mildred Edie Brady, American author, known for her article in The New Republic titled “The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich” (d. 1965)

1926 – Flora MacDonald, Canadian politician

1930 – Marion Zimmer Bradley, American author, known for fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon (d. 1999)

1930 – Dakota Staton, birth name of Aliyah Rabia, American jazz singer, known for her hit “The Late, Late Show” (d. 2007)

1939 – Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, American author, known as a pioneer in the historical romance genre with her novel The Flame and the Flower (d. 2007)


Helen Marot c. 1904 (source)

Helen Marot c. 1904 (source)

1888 – Alice Fisher, British nurse and author; trained at the Nightingale Training School and Home for Nurses in England before serving at the Philadelphia General Hospital, where she created the hospital’s nursing school. (b. 1839)

1900 – Mary Kingsley, British explorer and author, known for her work primarily in West Africa (b. 1862)

1940 – Helen Marot, American author, librarian and labor organizer; part of the commission that investigated the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (b. 1865)

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  1. BIRTHS – June 3, 1919 – Elizabeth Koontz, first African-American president of the National Education Association

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