June 7

Events in Women’s History

Carrie Nation c. 1910 (source)

Carrie Nation c. 1910 (source)

421 – Aelia Eudocia marries Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II.

1899 – Believing she had received a call from God, Carrie Nation destroyed Dobson’s Saloon in Kiowa, Kansas with “smashers”, rocks wrapped in paper. She went on to have what she called “hatchetations” when she and other women would smash saloons with hatchets.

1968 – Women sewing machinists at Ford Motor Company Limited’s Dagenham plant in London go out on strike. Their actions were a contributing factor to the passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1970.


Charlotte of Belgium c. 1860 (source)

Charlotte of Belgium c. 1860 (source)

1662 – Celia Fiennes, English traveller and author, known for her memoirs of her journeys through the English countryside (d. 1741)

1757 – Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, known as the subject of a Thomas Gainsborough painting which was stolen and finally returned to Chatsworth House after 200 years (d. 1806)

1831 – Amelia Edwards, British journalist, author and Egyptologist, known for her book A Thousand Miles up the Nile which she wrote and illustrated (d. 1892)

1840 – Carlota of Mexico, Empress consort of Mexico as wife of Maximilian I, born in Belgium (d. 1927)

1843 – Susan Elizabeth Blow, American educator, known for opening the first successful kindergarten in the United States (d. 1916)

1861 – Alice Moore Hubbard, American feminist, educator and author; her works include Justinian and theodora and Woman’s Work. (d. 1915)

1872 – Alice Nielsen, American actress and operatic soprano, owned her own opera company (d. 1943)

1896 – Vivien Kellems, American industrialist, inventor, lecturer and political activist, known for her support of voting reform and the Equal Rights Amendment, as well as her opposition to income tax (d. 1975)

1899 – Elizabeth Bowen, Irish author, known for both fiction and non-fiction writing (d. 1973)

1909 – Virginia Apgar, American anesthesiologist, developed the Apgar score to assess the health of newborns (d. 1974)

1917 – Gwendolyn Brooks, American poet, Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1950 (d. 2000)


Anne of Bohemia (source)

Anne of Bohemia (source)

1394 – Anne of Bohemia, Queen of England as wife of Richard II (b. 1367)

1937 – Jean Harlow, American actress and singer, known as the “Blond Bombshell” and the “Platinum Blonde” (b. 1911)

1967 – Dorothy Parker, American author, poet, critic, satirist and screenwriter, Academy Award nominee (b. 1893)

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  1. BIRTHS – June 7, 1909 – Jessica Tandy, award-winning actress, from “A Streetcar Named Desire” (play, 1948) to “Driving Miss Daisy” (film, 1989)

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