Marie Thérèse Charlotte of France

Marie Thérèse in 1827

Marie Thérèse in 1827 (source)

Marie Thérèse Charlotte (19 December 1778 – 19 October 1851) was the daughter of Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette, and the granddaughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. She was the only member of the royal family to survive the Reign of Terror. After the Terror ended, Marie-Thérèse was allowed to leave France and went into exile. Her father’s eldest surviving brother the Comte de Provence had proclaimed himself King of France as Louise XVIII and arranged a marriage between Marie-Thérèse and her cousin, Louis-Antoine, duc d’Angoulême.

When Napoleon I abdicated in 1814, the royal family returned to France and Louis XVIII to the throne. When Louis XVIII died in 1824, he was succeeded by Charles X and Marie-Thérèse’s husband became heir to the throne. During the Revolution of July 1830, Charles X abdicated in favor of Louis-Antoine, who then abdicated in favor of his nephew, making Marie-Thérèse Queen of France for the short period of time between signatures. When Louis-Philippe, duc d’Orléans accepted the crown rather than become regent for the young king, the royal family again went into exile to Britain, later Prague, and Austria. After the death of both Charles and Louis-Antoine, Marie-Thérèse moved to a castle outside of Vienna where she died of pneumonia on October 19, 1851.

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