May 1

Events in Women’s History

Edith Stein c. 1920 (source)

Edith Stein c. 1920 (source)

1987 –Edith Stein, a Jewish-born Carmelite nun who died in the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, is beatified in the Roman Catholic Church.


Judith Sargent Murray c. 1770 by John Singleton Copley (source)

Judith Sargent Murray c. 1770 by John Singleton Copley (source)

1585 – Sophia Olelkovich Radziwill, saint in the Orthodox Church, last descendant of the Olelkovich-Slutsk family from present day Belarus, canonized in 1983 (d. 1612)

1751 – Judith Sargent Murray, American poet, playwright, essayist and women’s rights advocate, known for her essay “On the Equality of the Sexes” published in 1790 in Massachusetts Magazine (d. 1820)

1831 – Emily Stowe, Canadian physician, suffragist and women’s rights activist, first woman to practice medicine in Canada (d. 1903)

1852 – Calamity Jane, American frontierswoman and professional scout (d. 1903)

1855 – Cecilia Beaux, American painter, known for her portraits of society figures (d. 1942)

1864 – Anna Jarvis, American founder of Mother’s Day in the United States (d. 1948)

1907 – Kate Smith, American singer with a long radio, television and recording career, known as “The Songbird of the South” and for her redition of “God Bless America” (d. 1986)

1910 – Raya Dunayevskaya, Ukrainian-born American philosopher and activist (d. 1987)

1939 – Judy Collins, American singer-songwriter and guitarist


Isabella of Portugal c. 1548 by Titian (source)

Isabella of Portugal c. 1548 by Titian (source)

1118Matilda of Scotland, Queen of England as wife of Henry IV (b. 1080)

1539 – Isabella of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress as wife of Charles V (b. 1503)

1911 – Hannah Whitall Smith, lay speaker, suffragist and temperance advocate; she was active in the Holiness movement in the United States and the Higher Life movement in the United Kingdom. (b. 1832)

1920 – Princess Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden as wife of Gustaf VI Adolf; she died before he took the throne. (b. 1882)

1970 – Romaine Brooks, American painter specializing in portraiture (b. 1874)

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  1. May 1, 1950 – Gwendolyn Brooks becomes 1st African-American woman to receive Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, named Library of Congress’s Consultant in Poetry (later called Poet Laureate) in 1985

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