May 24

Events in Women’s History

Amy Johnson c. 1930 (source)

Amy Johnson c. 1930 (source)

1830 – Mary Had a Little Lamb by Sarah Josepha Hale is published.

1930 – Amy Johnson becomes the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia when she lands in Darwin, Northern Territory.

1990 – The car being driven by Judi Bari, union organizer, feminist, and Earthfirst! activist, was blown up. She and fellow activist, Darryl Cherney, survived, but the FBI place the blame on them. They filed a civil rights sawsuit and in 2002, a jury found that the FBI and the Oakland police department lied about the case and awarded $4.4 million in damages.


Victoria with her spaniel Dash c. 1833 by George Hayter (source)

Victoria with her spaniel Dash c. 1833 by George Hayter (source)

1819 – Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland (d. 1901)

1870 – Ynes Mexia, Mexican-American botanist, known for extensive travelling and collecting of specimens (d. 1938)

1878 – Lillian Moller Gilbreth, American psychologist and industrial engineer, efficiency expert; the books Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes show how Gilbreth and her husband applied their time and motion studies to family life. (d. 1972)

1885 – Susan Sutherland Isaacs, CBE, British educational psychologist and psychoanalyst, promoted the nursery school movement (d. 1948)

1898 – Kathleen Hale, British artist, author and illustrator, known for her series about Orlando the Marmalade Cat (d. 2000)

1899 – Suzanne Lenglen, French tennis player and Olympic medalist; called La Divine in the French press, she was one of the first international female sport stars. (d. 1938)

1902 – Sylvia Daoust, CM, CQ, Canadian sculptor, one of the first women sculptors in Quebec (d. 2004)

1913 – Audrey Brown, British athlete and Olympic medalist (d. 2005)

1914 – Lilli Palmer, German actress and singer, winner of the Volpi Cup, the Deutscher Filpreis, Golden Globe nominee (d. 1986)

1934 – Jane Byrne, American politician, first and to date the only woman Mayor of Chicago

1935 – Joan Micklin Silver, American director and screenwriter

1946 – Tansu Çiller, Turkish economist and politician, Prime Minister of Turkey from 1993-1996, Turkey’s first and to date only female Prime Minister


1976 – Denise Pelletier, OC, Canadian actress; in the 1940s, one of the few Canadian actors performing in both French and English. (b. 1923)

2013 – Elsa Bornemann, Argentinian author and composer (b. 1952)

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Illustration by William Wallace Denslow, 1902 (source)

Illustration by William Wallace Denslow, 1902 (source)

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