November 26

Events in Women’s History

783 – Adosinda, Queen of Asturia, is put in a monastery, after the death of her husband, to prevent her nephew from retaking the throne from Mauregatus. Daughter of Alfonso I and Ermesinda, she reigned from 774 to 783 with her husband, Silo. After Silo’s death, her nephew, Alfonso II, ascended to the throne, but was ousted and Adosinda was confined to the monastery.


Mary Edwards Walker

Mary Edwards Walker (source)

1157 – Margaret of France, Junior Queen of England as wife of Henry the Young King, Queen of Hungary and Croatia as wife of Béla III (d. 1197)

1436 – Infanta Catherine of Portugal, daughter of King Edward of Portugal and Eleanor of Aragon. She was promised to marry Charles IV of Navarre, but he died before the wedding could take place and she went into a convent. (d. 1463)

1792 – Sarah Grimké, American abolitionist, writer and suffragist (d. 1873)

1814 – Louise Aston, German author and feminist, advocate of women’s rights, democracy and love outside of marriage, known for dressing in men’s clothes and smoking cigars (d. 1871)

1822 – Lilly Martin Spencer, American genre painter (d. 1902)

1827 – Ellen G. White, American author, co-founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (d. 1915)

1832 – Mary Edwards Walker, American feminist, surgeon, prisoner of war, alleged spy, and Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1919)

1847 – Maria Fyodorovna, Empress consort of Russia as wife of Alexander III (d. 1928)

1858 – Katharine Drexel, American nun and saint, canonized in 2000 (d. 1955)

1869 – Maud of Wales, Queen of Norway as wife of Haakon VII (d. 1938)

1907 – Ruth Patrick, American botanist. On November 17, 2007, a gala was held in honor of Dr. Patrick’s upcoming 100th birthday at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. (d. 2013)

1909 – Frances Dee, American actress (d. 2004)

1923 – Pat Phoenix, British actress (d. 1986)

1939 – Tina Turner, American singer, dancer, and actress

1941 – Susanne Marsee, American mezzo-soprano

1942 – Dang Thuy Tram, Vietnamese civilian doctor killed on the battlefield in disputed circumstances during the Vietnam War. Her wartime diaries attracted international interest when published in 2005. (d. 1970)


1504 – Isabella I, Queen of Castile and León, wife of Ferdinand II of Aragon  (b. 1451)

1883 – Sojourner Truth, formerly enslaved American abolitionist and civil rights activist (b. 1797)

1938 – Flora Call Disney, American mother of Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney (b. 1868)

1963 – Amelita Galli-Curci, Italian soprano (b. 1882)

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Isabella I, Queen of Castile and León

Isabella I, Queen of Castile and León (source)

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