October 1

Events in Women’s History

Mary I by Antonis Mor

Mary I by Antonis Mor (source)

1553 – Coronation of Queen Mary I of England

1847 – Maria Mitchell becomes the second woman to discover a comet (C/1847 T1), after Caroline Herschel. She won a prize established by King Frederick VI of Denmark


Mary Anna Custis Lee, 1858 (Photo courtesy Library of Congress)

Mary Anna Custis Lee, 1854 engraving (source)

1808 – Mary Anna Custis Lee, wife of Robert E. Lee American Civil War general (d. 1873)

1832 – Caroline Harrison, American educator, First Lady of the United States as wife of Benjamin Harrison (d. 1892)

1847 – Annie Besant, British activist, author and Theosophist (d. 1933)

1862 – Esther Boise Van Deman, Archaeologist (d. 1937)

1893 – Faith Baldwin, author of popular fiction (d. 1978)

1910 – Bonnie Parker, American criminal (d. 1934)

1912 – Kathleen Ollerenshaw, English mathematician and politician

1929 – Bonnie Owens, American singer-songwriter (The Strangers) (d. 2006)

1935 – Julie Andrews, English actress and singer

1936 – Stella Stevens, American actress

1953 – Grete Waitz, a Norwegian marathon runner and former world record holder. Waitz won nine New York City Marathons between 1978 and 1988, more than any other runner in history.  (d. 2011)


1310 – Beatrice of Burgundy, Lady of Bourbon (b. 1257)

1864 – Rose O’Neal Greenhow, American spy (b. 1817)

1919 – Princess Charlotte of Prussia (b. 1860)

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Beatrice of Burgundy (date and artist unknown, Wikimedia Commons)

Beatrice of Burgundy (source)

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