October 14

Events in Women’s History

Mary, Queen of Scots, in captivity by Nicholas Hilliard, 1578

Mary, Queen of Scots, in captivity by Nicholas Hilliard, 1578 (source)

1586 – Mary, Queen of Scots, goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth I of England.

1957 – Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first Canadian Monarch to open up an annual session of the Canadian Parliament, presenting her Speech from the Throne in Ottawa, Canada.


Sophia of Hanover, artist unknown

Sophia of Hanover, artist unknown (source)

1404 – Marie of Anjou, Queen of France as wife of King Charles VII (d. 1463)

1630 – Sophia of Hanover, Electress of Hanover (d. 1714)

1856Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, American travel writer, first female board member of the National Geographic Society. She had the idea to plant Japanese cherry trees to decorate Washington DC. (d. 1928)

1863 – Winifred Sweet Black, American reporter and columnist (d. 1936)

1879 – Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, known as Miles Franklin, an Australian writer (d. 1954)

1888 – Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand author (d. 1923)

1893 – Lillian Gish, American actress, her career spanned the years 1912 to 1987, called “The First Lady of American Cinema”  (d. 1993)

1906 – Hannah Arendt, German-American theorist and philosopher (d. 1975)

1908 – Ruth Hale, American actress and playwright (d. 2003)

1909 – Dorothy Kingsley, American screenwriter (d. 1996)

1938 – Farah Pahlavi, Queen of Iran and later Empress of Iran as third wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi until their exile in 1979


1792Sophie Charlotte Ackermann, German actress (b. 1714)

1961 – Harriet Shaw Weaver, British journalist and activist (b. 1876)

1976 – Dame Edith Evans, British actress (b. 1888)

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Dame Edith Evans

Dame Edith Evans (Photo: Allan Warren, source)

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