October 22

Events in Women’s History

I am unaware of any significant events in Women’s History. If you know of any, please leave a comment so that I can add it. Thank you!


Maria Amalia of Austria

Maria Amalia of Austria (source)

1701 – Maria Amalia of Austria, Archduchess of Austria by birth, Holy Roman Empress, Queen of the Germans, Queen of Bohemia, Electress of Bavaria as wife of Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1756)

1746 – Esther de Berdt Reed, founded the Ladies Association of Philadelphia to provide aid to soldiers in George Washington’s army during the American Revolutionary War (d. 1780)

1834 – Abigail Scott Duniway, American author, editor and suffragist (d. 1915)

1844 – Sarah Bernhardt, French stage and film actress who was in demand in the rest of Europe and the Americas as well. “The Divine Sarah” has been called the most famous actress of all time. She was also a sculptor and painter. (d. 1923)

1858 – Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, last Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia, wife of German Kaiser, Wilhelm II (d. 1921)

1904 – Constance Bennett, American stage, film and radio actress, businesswoman. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in recognition of her service to military troops and as the wife of a Brigadier General. (d. 1965)

1913 – Tamara Desni, German-born actress (d. 2008)

1917 – Joan Fontaine, British-born stage, film, television and radio actress, two-time Academy Award winner for her roles in Rebecca and Suspicion directed by Alfred Hitchcock, also known for her long running feud with her sister Olivia de Havilland (d. 2013)

1919Doris Lessing, British author and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2013)

1934 – Rita Sakellariou, Greek singer (d. 1999)

1935 – Ann Rule, American author


Anna Dickinson c. 1860 by Mathew Brady (source)

Anna Dickinson c. 1860 by Mathew Brady (source)

1932 – Anna Dickinson, American abolitionist, suffragist and orator, first woman to speak before the US Congress (d. 1842)

1956 – Hannah Mitchell, British suffragette and activist (b. 1872)

1979 – Nadia Boulanger, French composer and educator (b. 1887)

1985 – Viorica Ursuleac, Romanian soprano (b. 1894)

1986 – Jane Dornacker, American actress and singer (b. 1947)

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