October 25

Events in Women’s History

Engraving of Deborah Sampson, 1797

Engraving of Deborah Sampson, 1797 (source)

1154 – Eleanor of Aquitaine becomes Queen of England as wife of Henry II after the death of King Stephen of England.

1761 – Abigail Smith, future First Lady of the United States, marries John Adams.

1783 – Deborah Sampson received an honorable discharge from the Continental army after serving one and a half years disguised as her deceased brother, Robert Shurtlieff Sampson.


Queen Isabel de Farnesio by Louis-Michel van Loo, 1739

Queen Isabel de Farnesio by Louis-Michel van Loo, 1739 (source)

1510 – Renée of France, Duchess of Ferrara, ally of John Calvin and supporter of the Protestant Reformation (d. 1574)

1692 – Elisabeth Farnese, Queen Isabel de Farnesio, as wife of Philip V of Spain (d. 1766)

1759 – Maria Feodorovna, Empress consort of all the Russias as wife of Paul I (d. 1828)

1803 – Maria Doolaeghe, Flemish author (d. 1884)

1837 – Anna Richardson Harkness, American philanthropist (d. 1926)

1903 – Katharine Byron, American politician and first woman elected to Congress from Maryland (d. 1976)

1912 – Minnie Pearl, American comedian and singer (d. 1996)

1926 – Galina Vishnevskaya, Russian soprano (d. 2012)

1927 – Barbara Cook, American singer and actress

1928 – Jeanne Cooper, American actress (d. 2013)

1928 – Marion Ross, American actress

1931 – Annie Girardot, French actress (d. 2011)

1936 – Masako Nozawa, Japanese actress

1941 – Helen Reddy, Australian singer and actress

1941 – Anne Tyler, American author


Olympia Fulvia Morata

Olympia Fulvia Morata (source)

1478 – Catherine, Queen of Bosnia as wife of Stephen Thomas, went into exile when the Ottomans invaded Bosnia, eventually lived out her life in Rome (b. 1425)

1555 – Olympia Fulvia Morata, Italian classical scholar, companion and instructor to Anna d’Este (b. 1526)

1892 – Caroline Scott Harrison, painter, music teacher and First Lady of the US as wife of Benjamin Harrison (b. 1832)

1938 – Alfonsina Storni, Argentine poet (b. 1892)

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