October 5

Events in Women’s History

1789 – Women of Paris march on Versailles during the French Revolution to confront Louis XVI about feudalism, demand bread, and have the King and his court moved to Paris.

An illustration (author unknown) of the Women's March on Versailles, 5 October

An illustration (author unknown) of the Women’s March on Versailles, 5 October 1789 (source)


Mary of Modena by Simon Pietersz Verelst, 1680

Mary of Modena by Simon Pietersz Verelst, 1680 (source)

1658 – Mary of Modena, Queen of England, Ireland, and Scotland as the wife of James II and VII. (d. 1718)

1717 Marie Anne de Mailly, French mistress of Louis XV of France (d. 1744)

1850 – Fanny Jane Butler, English medical missionary, one of the first women doctors to go to India, known for work in Kashmir, and founding medical facilities in Srinagar and Bhagalpur (d. 1889)

1858 – Helen Churchill Candee, American author and journalist, survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic (d. 1949)

1889 – Teresa de la Parra, Venezuelan author (d. 1936)

1905 – Harriet E. MacGibbon, American actress (d. 1987)

1907 – Mrs. Miller, Elva Ruby Connes Miller, an American singer who became famous for singing off-key versions of popular hits. (d. 1997)

1917 – Magda Szabó, Hungarian author (d. 2007)

1923 – Glynis Johns, South African-Welsh actress, singer, and dancer

1924 – Barbara Kelly, Canadian-English actress (d. 2007)

1928 – Louise Fitzhugh, American author (d. 1974)

1932 – Yvonne Braithwaite Burke, politician, represented California in the US House of Representatives, in March 2012

1933 – Diane Cilento, Australian actress (d. 2011)

1935 – Arlene Saunders, American soprano

1938 – Teresa Heinz Kerry, American businesswoman and philanthropist

1939 – Marie-Claire Blais, Canadian author and playwright

1939 – Marie Laforêt, French-Swiss singer and actress

1939 – Consuelo Ynares-Santiago, Filipino jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines

1940 – Milena Dravić, Serbian actress


1828Charlotte, Princess Royal of England, Queen consort of Württemberg as wife of Frederick (b. 1766) (Link to Madame Gilflurt’s blog.)

1933 – Renée Adorée, French silent film actress (b. 1898)

1938 – Mary Faustina Kowalska, Polish nun, mystic and saint (b. 1905)

1975 – Lady Constance Malleson, English actress and author (b. 1895)

1976 – Barbara Nichols, American actress (b. 1929)

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Renée Adorée, 1922 (from the George Grantham Bain collection courtesy Library of Congress)

Renée Adorée, 1922, from the George Grantham Bain collection at the Library of Congress (source)

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